Babberly app | the location finder

Babberly app | the location finder

Babberly app for iphone, ipod touch etc.




babberly provides an interactive, consumer-sourced platform, enabling customers to exchange inside information about their favorite vendors, locations, and attractions in real-time both onsite and remotely.

Users will earn babberCRED for exchanging inside tips and recommendations, like how long the line is at a taco truck, or how busy the new nightclub is. Members can use babberCRED as a virtual currency to receive exclusive real money vouchers, which they can redeem at their favorite merchants.

babberly app

mzl.ijybarlm.320x480-75 Key Features Include:

•Instant feedback: Consumers can login anytime and receive real-time information from peers about venues, events, and promotions. Users can even respond in the form of a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say – and babberly allows you to easily paint the picture easily.

•P2P and Geo-location: Top-notch technology enables users to share and pinpoint locations and special offers in real time.

•Extend Network: Users can create a new social layer in their life and grow their friend network. Share your profile information or keep it private – all while extending your local influence!

“babberly provides a simple and practical solution to getting information about events in real-time, and it lets users share information on a social level about a hangout, shop or meet up.”

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Babberly for Iphone , Ipod touch etc.

mzl.eveqtyob.320x480-75babberly helps you figure out where to go, what to do, why a particular venue is so popular, and ultimately how to get the most out of your life by connecting to your local community.

babberly is a user-based app designed to connect people around the country and help them share information instantaneously. The application enables consumers to use their mobile device to ask questions about a location and get real-time answers from others already checked in to the location – no matter where they are in the country. Users that have special insights or offers about the location can also add them into the user-based offer repository. All actions users take on the site allow them to earn babberCRED, which translates into real money to be used a t babberly-featured merchant destinations

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